Hey... they like us!

“After four years of working together, I can say that Outwrite is one of our best, most dependable creative partners. Strategic input (not just “yes-yes” to the brief), a polished manner with clients, great writing on demanding topics and the delivery is always on time…you couldn’t ask for better. And the cream on the cake – Carl is great fun to work with!”

– Camilla Ekman, Key Account Manager,
ID BBN (Finland)

“We call on Outwrite when we need top-notch writing – for our clients or for ourselves. They’re strong strategic thinkers, they know how to write for SEO and they’re a business partner we can count on. I highly recommend them.”

– Scott Wilson, President, Rankhigher.ca

“We were looking for an in-house writer, but after the first project (a freebie) we were sold. We have since found an in-house writer, but Outwrite still does our high profile writing – it’s magic stuff.”

– Naqeeb Khan, Print and Direct Mail Marketing Manager, EF Educational Tours

“The website developer I had before was unresponsive…Outwrite gets things done when you need them done. They’re thoughtful, provide strategic advice and thanks to them we’ve now got a robust newsletter program going as well.”

– Dr. John Dempster, N.D. of The Dempster Clinic, Centre for Intergrated Medicine

“I can give a short brief and walk away, knowing it’s going to get done right, on time. Great work, not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.”

– Dave Bowen, General Manager,
Heritage Expeditions (New Zealand)

“We rely on Outwrite for clever, thoughtful marketing copy of all kinds. They’re one of those rare birds that always do what they say they will, on time and within budget.”

– Pat McDermott, V.P.
Marketlink Communications

Why Outwrite

Because content is king

Content is king. It’s a new meme for an old truth. Content has always been king—but this is just now dawning on people. Could be because the Internet’s flooded with crap. Or it could be because truly excellent content can spread like wildfire…with no media buy involved.

What every business needs to do is publish original information that’s relevant and of interest to their target market. It sounds simple. It is simple. So why don’t we see more of it?

We think that companies get caught up in pushing out their sales messaging. Say you make soap. There’s a difference between writing about the benefits of soap made with citrus extract and gloating about your brand of soap made with citrus extract. The goal of both is to sell more of your soap. But one is informative, perhaps even interesting; the other is off-putting.

At Outwrite, we understand that content is every bit as important for social media marketing as it is for mainstream web or offline. We know how to create it, how to ensure that it’s relevant to your audience/s. We know what mediums will have the greatest impact for you—whether you need to generate quick sales or want to improve your visibility as part of a longer-term strategy.

Most of what we do is online, but our roots are in print so we still understand how writing and content change with the medium. We know about positioning; we’re good at planning. And as you can see on the left, people like us.

The people

Outwrite’s driving force is Carl Michener. I’m a planner, project manager and copywriter. I’ve worked in marketing departments and ad agencies on both the account and the creative side. I’m honest, I’m realistic, I’m pretty good at what I do, and my word is my bond. It may sound corny, but there it is. When it comes down to it, these are the things that people value.

We rely on some good people for their niche mastery: Carmine Lucarelli, a top programmer; Sebastien Chorney, a talented French translator; Kathleen Atkinson, an accomplished web designer; a collection of writers that actually ‘get it’; two SEO firms that actually get customers top 3 organic placing on Google; a surgically precise film, video and photography firm; and other specialists. We draw upon the best niche marketers in Toronto. And if what you need is beyond our scope, we’ll be glad to point you in a direction that we stand behind completely.

So enough about Outwrite. Let’s talk about why your prospects should choose you.