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Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing is a broad discipline. What’s your specialty?

Excellent question. We specialize in online marketing, specifically strategies and plans, website creation, copy writing, e-newsletter/blog/twitter post concepts and creation. We do other things as well, like PPC campaigns and SEO.

What makes you better than others?

Glad you asked. Well, we’re good at what we do. And we’ll readily admit when we’re not expert in something, which is important and rare. (We can, however, usually pull in a partner that is expert in that area). Thanks to the royal ‘we’ our overhead is also really low. So is the bullshit factor. Both of which mean that you pay reasonable rates for top quality.

Who are your clients?

We work for direct clients and we work for social media/PR/SEO/communications agencies. Direct clients come to us for things like digital strategies, marketing plans, or component pieces like websites, e-newsletter campaign planning and writing, direct mail (DM) and eDM, brochures, web copy and more.
Direct clients include:

…and many others.

Agencies come to us in need of top notch content generation, whether it’s for a website or an e-newsletter, but also article and brochure writing, e-blast creation, video and other kinds of content.

Agency clients include:

…and some less frequent fliers.

How do you charge?

We charge the way you want to pay. By the job, by the hour or on a flat-fee basis. Our clients typically start by paying us per project, then when trust builds they will pay us by the hour, or a combination of the two. Keep in mind that your first job is free.

More questions? Feel free to call or email.