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Mega Quarry Stopped.

Mega Quarry Stopped.

I have to admit that it was a great story. A 25-billion dollar hedge fund wanted to build Canada’s biggest quarry north of Toronto. Destroying prime farmland. Hoodwinking farmers. Disrupting five rivers. Potentially compromising aquifers that provide the drinking water for a million people.

But still. We stopped them not with an injunction. Not through direct action. Not after a million dollar legal battle. We stopped them by creating awareness. Strong messaging around a few central issues, hammered home on radio, in print, on television, via Twitter and Facebook, and in person at events and on the street. We created a groundswell of opposition to the idea that grew so strong that they threw up their hands in defeat…and kept farming potatoes.

It’s a sweet victory for many who spent weeks and months working on the dozens of events, large and small, that contributed to this dénouement inattendu. FOODSTOCK: 28,000 in attendance. SOUPSTOCK: 40,000. I guess when you’re facing these kinds of numbers, $25 billion only gets you so far. After all, we reached Baupost’s investors in Boston. They listened. And didn’t like what they heard.

The moral?

Pick your messages. Take the high road. Don’t deviate. And hammer, hammer, hammer your point home at every opportunity.