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Not a %&* problem!

Not a %&* problem!

How often have you heard ‘no problem!’ or ‘not a problem!’? Perhaps you were checking into a hotel or ordering fast food. Maybe you were asking for more shaved reggiano on your farfalle. Whatever the case, you likely didn’t think twice about it. But stop and think now: under what conditions would it be a problem for that person to serve you?

The phrase is an inanity. More than that – at some level it’s offensive, as it shows an inward focus that has no place in customer service. ‘No problem.’ God forbid that someone providing you with service goes out of their way. ‘My pleasure’ is much better – the idea that someone is pleased to serve you, rather than implying that you might cause them inconvenience, however unwittingly.

Take a look at your company. Do you have a culture of inward or outward focus? If it’s ever a problem to get the job done, to satisfy your clients, you’ll know that you’ve got a problem.