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Same great taste, stylish new name

Same great taste, stylish new name

In a recent Globe and Mail article, the Globe’s marketing reporter writes “advertisers are trying more and more not to make just ads, but content that is actually useful to their target audience.” Ummm…we know a couple of things about that.

Up till now we’ve been calling this ‘content marketing’ at ¡Outwrite! but the Globe writer calls it ‘utility marketing’. Okay, we’re down with that. Sounds a bit toolbelt-ish, but whatever…datadummmm (drum roll)…¡Outwrite! is a proud purveyor of utility marketing services!

We just finished creating the content for Business IT Auditors’ new website. Sound boring? Guess what: anyone other than an IT auditor reading that Web copy will learn something they didn’t know. They will clearly see the advantages of an IT audit, and I would hazard that they might even be inclined to drop a tidbit or two of that newfound knowledge into their next IT-related conversation.

Whatever you call it, writing in-depth content that spins information in a captivating way is always a winner. And it’s doable in every industry. If you know a lot about what you do, you’re a subject matter expert. We can tease that information out of you and make it sound pretty darn exciting.

Our Globe article continues: ‘“There’s an amazing opportunity for brands to create a true value chain for the consumer. It doesn’t have to be an interruption,” said Mitch Joel, president of Montreal-based agency Twist Image, who has dedicated a chapter in his upcoming book to the subject of utility marketing.’ Wow. Marketing that doesn’t irritate but informs instead? I think he’s on to something.